A small, family farm in Wisconsin


IMGP1023Last week I got an email from my cousin Bob, who lives in Michigan.  He had attached several pictures of himself and his wife Mary on their 50th wedding anniversary.  They look wonderful, and I’m so in awe of anyone who maintains a marriage for 50 years.  Congratulations to Bob and Mary and we wish you many more years together.

JDI learned about celebration #2 on Monday.  My son JD was offered a good promotion, and he accepted it.  In these difficult economic times, it’s been rare to hear good news regarding employment.  Of course we’re thrilled for JD and we have every confidence that his superiors made a good decision. JD is a newlywed, so he’s having lots of change going on in his life these days.  We’re proud of you JD, and so happy your life is going so well!

Lee01The 3rd celebration of the week was Lee’s 50th birthday.  He spent part of the day making oat hay in the 90 degree temps.  It was a hot, sweaty job, and not a fun way to spend a birthday.  In the evening we met his siblings and their spouses for dinner at the Chinese Buffet.  We had a very nice time.  Even though we live near each other, we seldom get together, so we enjoy seeing them and catching up.  Shirley picked up a little birthday cake, and  there were the obligatory age joke birthday cards.  A very enjoyable get-together.

The final celebration of the week was Meredith’s graduation party.   Meredith is a beautiful young woman,  smart and clever and funny.  We’re so proud of her and wish her only the best in everything she does in the future.  Nikki made enough food to feed an army, as always.  She gets that from me, but I don’t do that so much any more.  We missed seeing Collin and Alora while we were there.  We never see Collin any more and we miss him.  He’s so busy making a life.

June09 021meredith grad cakemeredithgift-table


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