A small, family farm in Wisconsin

June09 008Every morning I sit at my computer desk, drinking coffee and emailing my friends.  I face a large window with a view to the back of our farm.  Just a few weeks ago the view was brown.  None of the fields was planted, the trees had no leaves.  Now I’m looking at a bright green field of oats, and beyond the oats are fields that have been planted with soybeans and corn.  The corn is up and showing its rows.  I can’t see the soybean plants yet.  It’s a good feeling to have all the seeds in the ground.  Spring planting is a stressful time on the farm and we’re always glad when it’s finished, and with no drama.

That old cottonwood tree in the picture has become a part of my daily life.  It’s just always there, constantly changing.  There are two red tailed hawks that sit in that tree every day, looking over their domain and swooping down to catch rodents and small birds.  They like to perch in the dead branches.

Wild turkeys pass through daily, going from their roosts in the woods to their favorite feeding areas.  There’s a huge Tom who spreads his tail and dances whenever he sees another turkey.

The other day I saw four deer, and they were playing.  They reminded me of young horses, the way they were chasing back and forth.  It was fun to watch.

Wish I had a better camera with a good zoom so I could take pictures of the wildlife here.  Someday.


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