A small, family farm in Wisconsin

One of the weathervanes on the barn

One of the weather vanes on the barn

I had to find a new web space, and thought this might be a fun format to try.  Bear with me while I get the lay of the land and figure out how I want to use this.  I’m hoping it can be a way for me to keep you all informed of how Lee and I, and Charlie are, and what we’re doing on the farm.  If  I enjoy it, I just might blog frequently.  You’re very welcome to comment, even if just to touch base and say hello.

Yesterday (5/23/09) was a big day in our family.  JD and Kim got married!  Lee and I weren’t able to attend the wedding (in Oklahoma) because it’s planting season here and we can’t leave the farm.  I met Kim when I was in OK at Christmas, and she’s a peach!  I’m very happy she’s become a member of our family, she and her children are part of us now, poor things.  Now we anxiously await the pictures.


Comments on: "Hello Friends and Family!" (1)

  1. Joyce LaMarche said:


    I’m enjoying your We Farm Blog and wanted you to know that I have been reading it.


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